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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shaky shaky!

Well, the semester ended 5 days ago. I have no final exams since my classes don't cover finals like the other general courses. By the way, I changed my screen name. People still call me Ein or Lia as they're used to, but my new family at the labs nicknamed me Dr.Meow after unusual circumstances... ya-


Sorry I'm late posting stuff again. The semester got a little tight at the end, but I do have the work I promised to post up. I'll just batch list them in this post now.

3D For Your Eyes!

Here's a few things I made during the semester, unfortunately we didn't cover modeling organic characters. So that's something I'm doing this summer break along with rigging & skinning. I made the textures myself from scratch. For the Sylph Fighter, I merged the concept of the old SegaCD Silpheed and the Xbox360 Project Sylpheed ships, as kind of homage. Though, I still had to model and texture it from scratch. There's more angles at the Flickr gallery, if you want.

The Tomahawk - Prop modeling and texturing assignment

Spiked Heater Shield - Modeling and cartoon texturing assignment

Sylph Fighter - Prop modeling and texturing assignment

Here's the other panoramas I promised too. I hope I didn't miss any distortions; those took a while to fix. And yes, that's my room down there; I used it as a test shot. Most are places nearby in the neighborhood. All of the images below were color corrected and enhanced.

My Room - 'nuff said

An area in the nearby park.

Another area in the same park, though taken on a different day.

The relay and bleachers, also on a different day.

A parking lot converted into a garden... I think.

Well that's about it. I have a few more things I can post up, but I'll have to prepare them for publishing first. I'm not sure when I'll post again. Maybe I'll have Jeff put something up.

Oh, one other thing, a friend of mine asked me to join her company for a little production work. I can't exactly elaborate on what, but I'm seriously considering it. I'll be paying them a visit soon. I'm not sure when I'll get started on those summer projects on the sidebar. Soon, soon.

Hang tight!

-Dr.Meow is powered by EVIL O.S.!!

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