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Evil Operating System is a small Artist Guild. Here we talk about our work in detail (its creation, our inspirations, others involved, etc.). We take on art in any form (painting, sculpting, graphic design, tailoring, printmaking, comic books, martial arts, film, etc.) and show to the world. Also, the group attends conventions and culture festivals/events all over the island of Montreal. We hope to inspire others and perhaps even rule the world with our kick-arse artwork!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fresh New Start

Out of the closet and into the tumble-dryer

Hey everyone! It's been a while. Jeff and I entered a 3D Animation and CGI course a while back and we've been busy ever since. Sorry for not updating in a while. All we seem to put up are meeting calls for the group... and those were a year ago. Sad. Need to do a few of those again.

Well, what's up?

I've gotten myself into a bit of amateur photography. Thanks to our Digital Video and Photography class. Unfortunately for me, I still don't have the bling bling to afford a fancy camera. So, I've been working with restrictions. Mainly, I've been enjoying the panoramic photography part. They're quite big, but here's a few samples:

Our first and second year lab. This is where we work and chill most of the time.

The same lab, but from another angle. Mind the large fan,
it can get very hot in there in the summer.

The third year lab. They get their own since they can get quite busy.
They don't need us peons breathing behind their necks.

This is the hallway on the same wing.

I corrected a few shots for noise and grain, and I also adjusted the saturation, brightness and contrast. With the help of a tripod, these are cake to make and can be pretty fun.

I've also gotten into 3D modeling like Jeff, and I'm now learning texturing. Currently, I have an assignment which deals with such. Expect me to post the roughs and finished results of those in the next few weeks.

Well, I'm off for the night. There's still some animation homework to fine tune that needs my attention.


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